Personal & Executive Coaching

Coaching is not the same as therapy.  The main difference is that coaching is mainly a strengths based approach.  At New Leaf Psychology our approach is grounded in Positive Psychology.

Positive Psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on happiness and fulfilment.  Rather than focus on what goes wrong, Positive Psychology looks at optimising character strengths and virtues such as curiosity, open mindedness, love of learning, integrity, persistence, social intelligence, self-regulation and self control, hope, leadership and many others.

Dr Shane Moon leads the coaching practice at New Leaf Psychology. He has worked with many individuals, organisations and sporting teams in Australia and Internationally.

If you or your business want to increase performance in any area of life or work coaching may be the most effective mechanism to get you there.

We have access to world leading tools and assessments such as the Peak Performance Profiling System and the TAIS (Test of Attentional and Interpersonal Styles).  Both of these tools are accessed by leading athletes, sporting teams and organisations to create high performing individuals, teams and businesses.  By using these tools we are able to identify dominant strengths and the strengths that could be enhanced and then incorporated in all areas of life (e.g. relationships, work, sport etc) to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking to take yourself, your team or your business to the next level give us call                   (03) 9427 0007 or visit our contact page to drop us a line.